TJM & Company

Why You Should Work With Us

About TJM & Co. Media Boutique

Our founder and CEO, Tiffany Joy Murchison, is a communications leader and PR strategist with a professional career that spans several industries, from communications and technology to publishing and entertainment. She has over 25 years of experience supporting Fortune 20 companies in corporate communications, employee engagement, risk management, and organizational structure. At the helm of TJM & Co., she leads a team that keeps its finger on the pulse of all things of communications and culture, increasing brand awareness and audience engagement for the brands we represent.

TJM & Co. is a M/WBE certified agency with a team purposefully as diverse as the audiences we engage. Comprised of published journalists and authors, marketers, digital strategists, and creatives from culturally diverse backgrounds, we bring a unique approach to storytelling and sharing.

We provide the foundation for you to write your own narrative – who you are, why you do what you do, and your commitment to social responsibility – in a way that best aligns with and showcases your brand’s values.

What We Stand On

PR = Public Relations + Preventing Risk + ProtectINg reputations

The first step that most PR agencies take is looking at ways to build a brand. However, it is counterproductive to build brand awareness yet, leave the brand exposed to a reputation crisis. At TJM & Co., we have a risk-averse perspective on public relations strategies, supported by our founder’s years of experience in risk management & corporate communications. We think of it as having a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other, protecting as we build.


Dressing up a struggling brand is like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s not pretty and still a pig. Our approach is risk-averse. Our team possesses the expertise to provide counsel that avoids exposure to liabilities, ensuring that what we promote is the true character of your brand. We study your external and internal audiences to ensure that your brand shines brightly from any angle.


The bottom line is that, as a smaller agency, we can better serve our clients by offering cost-efficient services. Yet, we deliver an excellent quality of service and the feel of an in-house PR team.

Your Purpose. Our Passion.

TJM & Co. is a full-service public relations and brand management agency specializing in strategies that empower humanitarian brands to flourish by exposing them to ideal audiences through fully integrated, purpose-focused public relations and digital marketing strategies.

At TJM & Co. Media Boutique, we are particular about our clientele. We strive to work with a brand whose purpose we can truly stand behind. Nor will we commit to more work than our team can handle without sacrificing excellence. Our clients experience a level of intimacy not blurred by layers of management. We become our clients’ partners and their purpose becomes our passion.