TJM & Company

Purpose the Public Relations giraffe

What We Do Best

Fully-integrated Public Relations Strategies

We develop solid, risk-averse public relations strategies that cultivate a positive reputation and increase awareness among stakeholders and audiences through methodologies that discover insights, study behaviors, and identify possibilities. Well-established, mutually-beneficial relationships with journalists and media outlets allow us to secure and leverage earned media opportunities while targeting social listening enables us to respond swiftly to opportunities or potential risks in the various industries.

Stakeholder Communication

When the true meaning of a message gets lost in translation, so does trust and cooperation – especially when communicating with stakeholders. Every entity, from non-profits to government agencies to corporations, has multiple stakeholders, each with different interests or relationships with your organization. Each also has a different “love” language, and we speak them all. And our team is trained in communication strategies that align with diversity, equity, and inclusion principles.

By intimately studying your brand and your stakeholders, we ensure that the meaning of your message gets through, no matter the target audience, situation, or platform.

Content Development & Copy Writing

We are consummate language composers, creating engaging copy & content that turn your website, email campaigns, or any composition into your most brilliant and reliable storytellers.

Crisis Management

Supported by our founder’s years of experience in risk management & corporate communications, TJM & Co. has a proven track record in crisis management. In a reputation crisis, our team will swiftly assess the landscape, manage any damage, and help you regain control of the narrative. And we go a step further to anticipate any further issues and work with your organization to mitigate the risk.  

Digital & Social

We enable brands to win in the digital arena by developing targeted campaigns supported with visually engaging content & designs, thorough research, current industry insights, and focused social listening.

Our team creates visuals and stories with out-of-the-box, targeted concepts, and visually engaging & informative branding assets, thus establishing relevant & attractive channels to exchange information.

Experiences & Activations

Our team of detailed oriented creatives will work alongside you to develop experiences and activations that attract, connect & engage your target audiences and meet your sponsorship and partnership goals. We ensure that event guests have a stellar experience by collaborating with and overseeing the project management of all vendors and necessary staff.

Our digital Rolodex is filled with partners and vendors from venues to caterers to entertainment and production – all at the top of their craft – who can handle anything we do not do in-house.