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Public Relations & the Pulpit

2 Corinthians 8:21

Did you know that Jesus had a publicist? His name was John the Baptist. His purpose was to tell the story of the Messiah. As time evolved & His ministry grew, Jesus had an entire media team – the disciples, who continued to share His message. Public relations, in essence, is storytelling in a way that gains the confidence of audiences. So if Jesus had a public relations team, why shouldn’t pastors & churches, especially in the current social climate, follow his example?

Fruitful communication is integral to the success of any organization. That also applies to faith communities and their leadership. The perceptions of staff, congregations, and volunteers, as well as the government & the public at large, have an impact on your ability to realize your overarching mission. Messages are understood by different audiences differently, which can lead to the intended meaning being misconstrued. Well, think of a publicist as having a gift of interpretation of sorts – the ability to communicate your message to various audiences without losing its authenticity & significance.

Colassians 4:6
Daniel 6:22

In the era of smartphones, social media & “fake news”, leaders of faith communities often find themselves in the media’s lion’s den. So, who is your public relations angel? The right publicist can not only shut the proverbial lions’ mouths but moreover, can implement a plan to avoid the lions’ den altogether.

We are absolutely certain that a good reputation, built on integrity and wisdom, is one of the most important attributes of a leader. Our strategies are built on the belief that public relations works best from the inside out. We work with you to ensure that both your reputation & your actions are those that will produce longevity.

Proverbs 22:1