TJM & Company

How We Work

Purpose the Public Relations giraffe

Do you remember Syms clothing store? Their tagline was “an educated consumer is our best customer.” That’s precisely how we feel at TJM & Co. Our job is to enable you to make an informed decision about your brand’s position in the marketplace and how public relations and digital marketing can support your business goals.

Successful public relations strategies start even before the contract is signed. TJM and Co. has a three-part comprehensive consultative process that provides decision-makers with all the details needed to move forward. The process includes the following:

  • Exploration – our team gets to know you through a phone call and primary research into your brand and your industry
  • Brand Review & SWOT Analysis – provides the brand’s current position in the marketplace and areas of improvement
  • Customized proposal

Once our proposal is accepted, our clients receive the following:

  • Digital welcome package including contact information for account leads, out-of-hours contact information, links to schedule a Working Strategy Session, and recurring touch points. 
  • Purpose Swag Box

Work begins with a joint Strategy Session, exchanging information and ideas. During this session, TJM & Co. presents clients with a Benchmark – a snapshot of the client’s position in media relations and social engagement. The outcome of the session is:

  • A completed Strategy Session Workbook
  • PR Plan Outline and Digital Strategy Outline (if applicable) identifying tactics and milestones from the information gathered and developed in the Strategy Session.
TJM & Co. does not offer packages. Like our strategies, the amount of your investment in your reputation is tailored to your brand. Our quotes are based on:
  • The number of hours we estimate it will take for onboarding, research and development.
  • The number of hours monthly we estimate we need to put in to achieve identified goals
  • Who on the team is needed, and for how many hours, to work on your account for efficiency and maximum success.

All of this information is entered into our specialized pricing tool, any additional expenses are factored into the formula, and the output is a fair investment amount with high value and high return.

From start to finish, we educate you so that you can become our best customer.